Saturday, April 7, 2012

READ 2011

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READ 2011, a set on Flickr.

2011 Read Photo Winners

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Week 9 #23 Copyright and Creative Commons

Copyright issues become more and more complicated as formats students are using in research increase. Creative Commons seems to make the copyright issue more visible for students and teachers. I think that we need to remain vigilant in our instruction of plagiarism and I personally need to broaden my scope to include media of many types not just pictures and videos in my discussions with students and teachers. This year audio files have become a big concern and I have been striving to educate both teachers and students. With our READ photo contest I am encouraging all the photo winners to license their work with Creative Commons. It validates their creative ownership and helps them realize what copyright is today.

One of the things I enjoyed most about doing this a 2nd time was the added benefits of working through the 23 things with my fellow PUSD teacher librarians. Even though CSLA was very good about commenting on my entrees the first time around, this time, the TLs provided immediate feedback and often discussion relevant to work actually going on at our schools.

Here is the final photo of three of us working together.

Week 9 #22

The formerly free World ebook project now costs $8.95. I looked it over and certainly there are many good selections but I would need to browse and download them to a server and then enter them into our catalog. I am not sure I would do the work. I think if the catalog of free ebooks could be integrated into our catalog it would be something worth the effort.

I am trying to find out more about the Google university book scanning project. I have heard a special reader is required and will be provided by Google to libraries. It is an ebook source that I think would be tremendously valuable for our high school researchers.

LibriVox site of free audiobooks is one I will add to my website immediately for the use of our visually disabled students.
Also the list of best places for free books is a great link.

Week 9 #21 Podcasts

Most of the search directories no longer worked for me. I finally lucked out with the Education Podcast Nework. I found a podcast by David Warlick, whom I had heard about. He interviewed a Bombay school librarian, Ann Krembs, about creating a virtual library.
It looks much like Joyce Valenza's but with a few twists.

I then went to my google reader and located David Warlick's podcast feed and added it to my other feeds so that I can automatically see what he does next.

Week 9 #20 YouTube

Who would not want Neil Gaiman front and center on their blog?

I just wish I had more time to browse. Maybe over summer vacation.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Week 8, Photo

Working hard blogging on our TLC.

Week 8, #19 Library Thing

I learned to make a Library Thing widget :) Something I've been dreaming about doing. I will use it for the new books display from now on! Here it is:

The only thing I don't like is when you click on the link it goes to Amazon. I'd like it to go to the record in our Destiny catalog so students could see if it is available and place a hold on it.